December 3, 2022

The 8 players who will be missed at the FIFA World Cup 2022

In this post, we will mention 8 such important players, so let’s take a brief look at these players.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup Trophy

By the way, the list of players who did not be part of this World Cup is long enough, but there are some names that fans believe that if they were part of the tournament, the tournament for them more. It would have been interesting.

In this post, we will mention 8 such important players, so let’s take a brief look at these players.

Paul Pogba (France)

Defending champions France’s attacking midfielder Paul Pogba will not be able to attend the World Cup. Pogna, who represented the Italian club Yuvents, suffered a knee injury in July this year, which did not take part in the current club season. While they also had to go through surgery.

Although it was being expressed that Pogba would be fit before the squad’s announcement, it could not happen. The national team and players will feel intensely in 2018, playing a key role in France’s success.

Sergio Ramos (Spain)

The Spanish team’s World Cup squad disappointed many. Many important names were not made part of the team, one of which is Sergio Ramos.

The non -participation of the famous player’s team is being declared a coach’s decision. By the way, Ramos, who played by the club Paris St. German, was suffering from an injury, but he was fully fitted before the World Cup and was available for the team.

Muhammad Saleh (Egypt)

The Egyptian team has not been able to qualify for the World Cup, which is why the fans will not be able to see Saleh performing in this World Cup.

He did not show impressive performance in the 2018 World Cup due to injury, but fans were hopeful that this year he would get to see the best game of Saleh, but unfortunately this time it would not be done.

Erilling Holland (Norway)

Clubs are discussing the aggressive football of Manchester City, Manchester City, who has been impressive in the football world. Since their national team did not qualify for Norway, fans will lose their game.

Sadio Mane (Snigal)

Senagal’s striker Sadio Mane is also among the unfortunate players who will not be able to be part of the World Cup due to injury.

Club Bayern Munich suffered a leg injury. With the announcement of the squad, Senegal’s Federation made it clear that Mane is not fit to play the World Cup.

Thorns (France)

French players who suffer from a hamstring injury will not be part of the World Cup. After Pogba, he is the second midfielder who is considered important to the French team.

Zlautton Ibrahimovich (Sweden)

Sweden’s Ibrahimovich’s team for his sarcastic sayings is not part of this World Cup. In this regard, Ibrahimovich said, “I need me not the World Cup but the World Cup.” However, Ibrahimovich, the owner of the reckless ideology, will remember everyone.

Missures (Algeria)

Algeria’s Winger Mahriz is also out of the World Cup race due to an injury. Playing by Manchester City, Mahriz suffered an ankle injury, after which he could not make his place in the Algerian squad.

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