The most important meeting of the Communist Party of China: will have an impact on the world

There is no doubt that the war in Ukraine has created many difficulties for China, which may become a challenge for President Xi Jinping in the future.

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One of the most important meetings of the Communist Party of China was held in mid-October, in which President Xi Jinping was elected as the President of China for the third time. It was an extraordinary decision and an extraordinary confidence for President Xi Jinping, who An order of China came in the thigh. Earlier, Mao Zedong, the revolutionary founder of modern China, received this honor. Electing the president for the third time also means that Xi Jinping can now hold the position for life. Before that, presidents would leave after the government for a maximum of two terms and their successor would take office. It was beneficial that leadership was successfully passed down from one generation to the next. Xi Jinping is a representative of the fifth generation. The two-term requirement for the president was abolished in 2018. The reason for this extraordinary trust in President Xi Jinping is his economic stability and global vision, which he has not only brought to China. He gave it, but also showed it by acting on it. The main goal of this vision is to make China’s decisive role in world affairs and expand its power further. In the last meeting of the Communist Party, President Xi Jinping made it clear to the world that “now is the time to recognize China’s global status and give it the opportunity to play its role on the world stage.” He also talked about following the system, which had never been done before. The Belt and Road Initiative, of which the CPEC is also a part, is a core component of this vision. Through this initiative, China is trying to create such a development network wherever possible, first in Asia and then in the world. , which will connect the world with China and different countries with each other. This project has worried the Western powers and that is the reason why they have also come up with a plan of billions of dollars in comparison. Less developed It is good for the countries that rich and powerful countries are supporting their development, but on the other hand, if this spirit of development and cooperation turns into antagonism or a conflict, then these development projects will lead to new developments. Difficulties will arise that the fear of a clash between the great powers will start hovering over the heads.

This important meeting of the Communist Party of China was called the “National Congress of the Communist Party”. This meeting began on October 16 in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and was attended by 2,296 delegates, which is about 90 million members of the Communist Party. At such meetings, the Central Committee, China’s most powerful decision-making body, is elected. It also meant that the party and its most powerful decision-making body expressed full confidence in the policies of President Xi Jinping, as he has brought China to the global stage and is now continuing to push it forward. He has the full support of the people and the party. It has been 9 years since President Xi Jinping took office. During this time, there was also an epidemic like Corona, but with proper strategy, he kept a country with a large population like China on the path of development without any major damage. The history of China is thousands of years old and it was called the Chinese Empire in the past. Read the travelogues of Marco Polo and you will know that China has always wanted to have good relations not only with neighboring countries but also with distant countries. But this country is so big in terms of population and area that the rulers here give priority to their people and their affairs. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that in the past the means of transportation were so limited that Interference in the affairs of distant countries became a problem. Alexander the Great came from Greece and conquered many parts of India, but then he returned under pressure from his own colleagues and soldiers to stay longer. China’s rulers were well aware of these issues, so until the 20th century, their focus remained only on China and they did not build colonies, despite the fact that they had power over it. As if in this case they became Japan, neither France nor Germany. But the 20th century also changed China. Its first manifestation was when it got a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council, then At the same time, its leaders began to play an active role in world affairs. Unfortunately, the 1960s and 1970s were marked by China’s internal political turmoil. Later, a wise and visionary leader like Deng Xiaoping took over the leadership of China. , who believed from day one that China had all the elements to become a great power. They combined these elements to achieve economic power and the Chinese Communist Party, which ruled Ran is the party, the goal of economic development. It is the fortune of Deng and the people of China that the people soon learned that the real revolution is an economic revolution, and in the current era, the nation that lags behind in the race for development, It fails and sinks into the darkness of poverty. Revolutionary slogans may inspire, but not consciousness and progress, which are the basis of any superpower. Hence, post-Deng. All Chinese leadership has been economic and developmental leadership, not revolutionary. Instead of revolutionaries, sloganeers, sentimental soldiers or foolish politicians, they have the respect of economic managers that are their real assets. Global companies like Alibaba and Huawei were not created in a day or by the hard work of a single person, but it is the result of a visionary thinking. He is the best example of this continuity. He increased this development from the national level to the global level, after which he had the right to declare that “Now is the time for China’s global role.” There is a great nationalist leader of the world, who wants to see his nation in the forefront. He is not afraid of any slavery and he is not afraid of conspiracies.

President Xi Jinping knows that his biggest competition is the US and the West, but he has avoided direct confrontation with anyone. Of course, China’s military power today is much greater than it was 30, 40 years ago. It has every element of modern technology. It is in space and has naval power. Also, its supercomputers are second to none. Its material is cheap and available in every part of the world. President Xi Jinping has vowed to spread modern technology to every corner of the country in the last meeting of the party. Even though Corona has created many difficulties for China, its major cities have been locked down. , due to which the speed of its economy has slowed down, however, the whole nation is united to achieve the goal that Xi Jinping has set. There was a revolution 75 years ago and the war of independence ended at the same time. Not that every two years they have been wasting time raising slogans of independence and revolution. There is no idea of ​​Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, yes, the economic competition is more than one. China’s leaders know very well when it is time for revolution and when it is time for economic development. It’s not that everyone starts experimenting with new ideas after a few years. That’s why from Deng to Xi Jinping there is continuity in their development and they are reaching new heights. They work more and more. They give less statements. Here, every minister does not become the spokesperson of the government, he is responsible for his department, which has to be answered. The dream of the Chinese nation is development and they are turning it into reality. Xi Jin Ping, the epitome of leadership, has undoubtedly taken the West by storm. His most important target is to strengthen China’s global role. He adopted the role of a reformer. There is no haste in his book so that it is easy to transfer his vision from the party to the common people. China’s greatest achievement since Deng has been unity and continuity. It is also clear in the transfer of power and it is also clear from the achievements of economic development. The real miracle of China is that it has almost eradicated poverty from one billion and forty million people. A dynamic population of more than 40 million people. and has developed a middle class that is well-versed in modern sciences. Another miracle of China is that despite being a one-party government, hypocrisy and mutual differences are not equal. In the first phase of the Belt and Road Project, President Xi Jinping , especially want to move forward with Asian countries, which is being strongly opposed by the West. India did not become a part of this project due to the same efforts of the West. Perhaps India also thinks this. It is only slightly smaller than China in terms of population. It also has a skilled and prosperous middle class, with the full support of the West, and good relations with Russia and China, so it is an economic field. I can compete with China. President Xi Jinping has also presented another plan for global development, which he named the “global security initiative”. Support and development are included. According to this plan, security should be provided to all humanity without any discrimination.

There is no doubt that the war in Ukraine has created many difficulties for China, which may become a challenge for President Xi Jinping in the future. A glimpse of this can be seen in the tension over the Taiwan issue. When the chairperson of the US Senate, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan and met with the leadership there. In the meetings between the Chinese and Russian presidents, both reiterated their close friendship, but China clearly avoided supporting Russia. Perhaps President Xi Jinping believes that this will not only lead to a direct confrontation with the United States, but also Europe. It will not be beneficial for them either, because the one-sidedness shown by the European countries, including the UK, on ​​the Ukraine issue has not been seen since the Second World War. There are other problems. First of all, this propaganda has been started by the Western countries that in the context of China’s growing military power, the possibility cannot be rejected that President Xi Jinping will take a similar step in Taiwan at some point. Although China has accepted Taiwan as its part under the “one country, two ideologies”, it has never lost patience. It has not taken any such action except for statements and some symbolic measures. , which would endanger the peace of Southeast Asia. But until the Ukraine problem is settled, these things will continue to be raised by the West. On the one hand, global peace and security issues will remain complicated, on the other hand, President Xi Jinping will continue to face decision-making challenges. However, the confidence expressed in President Xi Jinping at the recent party meeting, It will be easier for them to deal with these difficult foreign and military issues. China has long wanted the US to withdraw from Asia, and to a large extent this wish was fulfilled after its military withdrawal from Afghanistan, but President Putin By attacking Ukraine, it has created a complicated situation for it. China is giving partial support to Russia’s position, calling it a close partner, but is not willing to take any practical steps, except for Russia. Save him from financial disaster by buying cheap oil. He wants Russia’s involvement in Europe to remain in some form.

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