December 3, 2022


Not letting him get close enough to know her inside out makes the serial especially funny.

Love sick

Have you ever seen two galaxies, like a beach and an ocean, come close and then pass through each other in such a way that they are so close, so close, that they cannot separate, and they are one? Do they live separately, in the midst of dancing with each other?

Love life is also like this sometimes. Accidents sometimes bring two beings so close, that even in passing they cannot meet; A blind mirror is always in the middle. A somewhat similar situation and running theme is the British TV series in question: “Lovesick”.

From the spirit of the story, his corpse comes to the plot, so the story goes like this: as soon as the curtain rises, the nurse tells Dylan, the main character of the story, his test report, according to which he has clymedia. This disease is not so harmful for men, but in women, if they are not treated in time, it can lead to infertility. Nurse Sue tells Dillon that he should tell all the girls he has had physical contact with so that they can get tested and treated in time. Sue Dillon makes a list of all the girls, and Begins contacting them. Each girl he contacts is shown in flashbacks of his history with Dillon, which is sometimes very interesting, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes funny. Grows up.

Dillon lives with his friends Luke and Evie. Evie suffers from a one-sided and unannounced relationship with Dillon. Even Dillon becomes a patient, love patient of this one-sided and unannounced contagion.

The story continues, and the present continues between flashbacks. Dylan and Evie are in relationships with other partners, and spend time with each other like good friends, so these two galaxies never meet.

In this series, Dillon’s best friend Luke also shines interestingly, with countless affairs and a girl of his own.

Not letting him get close enough to know her inside out makes the serial especially funny.

The atmosphere of the serial, with its light clouds of sadness, is very fun and light-hearted. The viewer goes through the entire serial in a slightly dazed and semi-dreamy state of trance.

Can Dillon and Evie’s galaxies collide? Knowing this depends on watching the serial.

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