Pakistan Afghanistan High Voltage Cricket Match, ‘Hate Not Spread Memes’

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in his comment on the match wrote in the context of Naseem Shah’s sixes that ‘Pathan has taken revenge on Pathan.’


Pakistan won the important cricket match against Afghanistan and made it to the final of the Asia Cup, but during the match, the acrimony between the Afghan and Pakistani players, the vandalism of the Afghan fans in the stadium and the scenes of violence against the Pakistani cricket fans caused some controversy. And gave the same color.

Various social media users mentioned the interesting moments along with the unpleasant incidents that happened during the match and also discussed the possible reasons for the ‘high voltage Pakistan-Afghanistan match’.

When the demand of ‘Ban Asif Ali’ became a trend on Twitter, the cricket fans mentioning the sixes in two consecutive balls by Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah remembered the match-winning sixes of Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi against India at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Don’t forget to do it either.

Commenting on the emotional atmosphere among cricket fans, Hamad Ahmed suggested ‘not hate but spread memes’.

Some of the participants in the conversation repeated the old suggestion to ‘keep sport away from politics’ to improve the situation among cricket fans, but it was clear from the mood of the timelines that this admonition did not attract many people this time. .

Rafiullah Kakar, associated with the field of public policy, took the stand that the desire to keep cricket separate from politics is good but based on misunderstanding. Everything is political, the comparison between Pakistan and India in cricket is also famous for political reasons.

Twitter user Palusha Khattak wrote in his comment that ‘We still consider war as a game and game as a war.’

Those who mentioned various reasons for the Pak-Afghan cricket match being ‘high voltage’ questioned that ‘Pashtuns on both sides of the border are called one, but it seems that the idol of patriotism has prevailed over nationalism, then Pakistan and Afghanistan The match is getting high voltage with each passing day.’

Cricket-related website ESPNcricinfo also faced criticism for telling an ‘incomplete thing’ about the situation between Afghan cricketer Fareed Ahmed and Pakistani cricketer Asif Ali.

Many cricket fans claimed that ‘Afghan cricketer pointed and abused Asif Ali when he got out, which was the reason for the bad mood’. “Biased reporting is shameful,” Hasna wrote.

The former captain of the Afghan cricket team, Gulbuddin Naib, expressed his displeasure at Asif Ali’s behavior and demanded that he should be banned for the rest of the tournament. Every bowler has the right to celebrate but getting physical with anyone is not acceptable.

During the match, many people, including Pakistani artist Fakhr Alam, demanded the International Cricket Council to take notice of the ‘vandalism by the Afghan spectators in the stadium and throwing chairs at the Pakistani cricket fans’.

Sharing the video of the vandalism in the stadium, Fakhar Alam wrote in his tweet that this attitude of Afghan cricket fans is sad. ICC should not allow such violent behavior to secure all cricket venues for fans.

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in his comment on the match wrote in the context of Naseem Shah’s sixes that ‘Pathan has taken revenge on Pathan.’

Many social media users criticized him for inappropriate style, so the former Pakistani cricketer deleted his tweet.

Shafiq Stanakzai, the former president of the Afghan Cricket Board, wrote in response to Shoaib Akhtar’s comment that ‘You cannot control the emotions of the spectators, such incidents have happened many times in the world of cricket. You should ask Kabir Khan, Inzamam Bhai and Rashid Latif how we treated them. Do not bring the next matter to the nation for my proposal to you.

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