January 23, 2022

The first episode of ‘Sang Mah’ won the hearts of the fans

Sang Mah

Sang Mah

The first episode of ‘Sangmaha’ was released in cinemas on January 7 and 8, while the first episode aired on TV on January 9.

In the first episode, Atif Aslam’s character ‘Helmand’ was praised and people not only appreciated his drama debut performance but also the story of the drama, dialogues, presentation of characters and imagery.

Most of the fans praised Atif Aslam’s performance but at the same time people appreciated the roles of other actors including Sania Saeed and after the first episode of the drama was aired, the names of various actors remained on top trend on Twitter.

But while people praised ‘Sangmaha’, people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa expressed anger over the story of the play and the presentation of its characters, accusing the play of ‘misrepresenting Pashtuns’. Û”

After watching the first episode of ‘Sang Mah’, Pashtuns tweeted that while the male character of the play was shown doing wrong by wearing a hat like Manzoor Pashtun, Sania Saeed was portrayed in Swabi women’s clothing. Also misrepresented.

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