January 23, 2022

Iran has not yet formally recognized the Taliban’s Afghan government

Taliban's Afghan government

Taliban's Afghan government

On Sunday, a delegation of the Taliban government led by Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki met with his Iranian counterpart Hussein Abdullah Hayyan, according to the Media.

This was the first such visit by a Taliban delegation to Iran since the Taliban took power on August 15, during which the foreign ministers of the two countries discussed various issues, especially the recognition of the new Afghan government.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzada said Sunday’s high-level talks with Taliban representatives were “very positive” but that Iran had not yet reached the point where it would formally recognize the Afghan government.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, he said that Iran was concerned about the current situation in Afghanistan and the visit of the Afghan delegation was the result of those concerns.

With regard to the new Taliban government, Iran’s position is that it will recognize it only if a comprehensive government is established in Afghanistan.

The two countries have been in constant contact since the new government took office in Afghanistan, and Special Representative Hassan Kazmi has visited Afghanistan several times in recent months.

Ahead of Sunday’s meeting, the two sides said they would resolve political, economic, transit and refugee issues.

A statement issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that during the meeting, the Foreign Minister strongly criticized the policies of the United States and its allies towards Afghanistan and imposed humanitarian sanctions to help the Afghan people and revive the economy. Demanded removal.

He assured that Iran would continue to send humanitarian aid and the brave people of Afghanistan have proved that no foreign power can occupy and govern them.

It should be noted that last month there was a clash between the border forces of Iran and Afghanistan, but later both sides called it a misunderstanding.

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