January 23, 2022




With its touches of orange and red, this salad is a study of the gold en hues of the sun. Fruit Salad

Syrup dressing may be substituted for the maple syrup. It you do this, add an additional tablespoon (15ml) of creme for extra flavour.


Grapefruits 2

Banana 8 oz/225 (thinly sliced)

Orange segments 31/2 oz/110g (if tinned, drained)

Pineapple wedges 8 oz/225g Cherries red 1 tbs.(finely chopped)

Maple syrup 3 tbsps/45 ml Creme1 tbsps/15 ml

Cherries red 4 (for garnish)


Halve the grapefruits without piercing the skins, remove the grapefruit segments. Remove as much of the white membrane as possible from the segments, seed them, and break them apart. Reserve the grapefruit skin shells.

Combine the grapefruit segments pineapple and chopped cherries in a mixing bowl. Toss lightly. Add the maple syrup and crème. Toss lightly again. Fill the grapefruit shells with the fruit salad. Top each salad with a whole cherry. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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