September 23, 2023

12-foot alligator enters a home in Florida

12-foot alligator enters a home in Florida

Just when you thought the housing market in Florida couldn’t get any worse. According to the Miami Herald, a worker putting the finishing touches on a new Fort Myers-area home this month discovered a 12-foot alligator lurking in the master bedroom.

When a window blind installer discovered the reptile, he immediately contacted professional trappers to have it removed.

In a video taken at the residence in Babcock Ranch, where houses can sell for up to $1.5 million, two men are seen straining to yank the gator out of the house with a rope.

During the struggle, the agitated reptile can be seen rolling over several times before being removed.

According to project manager Matthew Goodwin, the alligator was likely looking for some indoor warmth during a period of cold weather and became trapped.

Goodwin said the reptile explored every nook and cranny of the house before settling on the master bedroom.

“He went into every room and his mark,” Goodwin said, according to the outlet.

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